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Leeuwenburgh Fineer BV
Bliek 9-13
4941 SG Raamsdonksveer
Tel: +31 (0)162-514918
Fax: +31 (0)162-513933
KvK: 18126508

Leeuwenburgh Veneers (UK) Ltd.
1 Queen St.
Bath BA1 2HA
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)1225 904 950

Wood You Like To

Leeuwenburgh Fineer - a name with a great reputation - worldwide. Based in the town of Raamsdonksveer in Holland, over three decade’s of experience, passion and craftsmanship come together to produce the finest range of decorative wood sheets and boards specialising in colour, texture and pre-lacquered finishes.

Leeuwenburgh people understand wood, working alongside a wide range of conventional species we bring innovation and contemporary designs to familiar hardwoods in the Lignapal Selection range.

Leeuwenburghs' ligna system offer our veneers in easy to specify and use product formats or options known Lignaflex, Lignapal & Lignacore. All the character, luxury and beauty of real wood veneers - in a phrase Wood you like to see!

Leeuwenburgh - Spotlight

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Veneer from greyed oak beams 

We slice weathered oak beams and use the veneers to produce MDF veneered boards and easy-to-bend 1,2 mm thick Lignapal sheets. Apart from natural oak, we also offer smoked and the unique silver-greyed beam veneers. All these veneers are offered in 0,9 and 2,5 mm thickness

As lacquering specialists, the veneered boards can be offered with a high quality lacquer finish from mat to super high gloss. 



Specialist in yacht interiors

A very specialized sector where Leeuwenburgh Fineer has been active for 26 years. This is not surprising considering the fact that the Netherlands have a reputation to uphold in the maritime world.. The very high standards this industry sets to their suppliers fit closely to the skills of Leeuwenburgh Fineer.

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